About Us

Avmad is a comprehensive and creative events planning website aimed to guide our readers to organize their event. This site is run by a group of dedicated and energetic event managers. Our tutorials mostly focus on music and dancing events like full-scale music and entertainment festivals. 

Years of managing private gatherings to large-scale events have honed our skills and intuition when it comes to organizing an event, so we know the exact steps needed to make everything go as planned. 

Nothing is more stressful and terrifying than managing an event. No matter how big or how small it is, for an event to go smoothly, you need to know how and what to organize, what to prepare, and how to plan for worst case scenarios. 

We at Avmad are here to provide you with informative and inclusive guides to make your event a complete success. 

The Pre-Planning Checklist

A lot goes into planning any event, so you need to keep a checklist of everything necessary you need to settle on or accomplish before the due date. We will show you how to coordinate your initial checklist and break down the essentials you need such as:

Date of the Event

First, it would help if you considered how much time you will need to organize the event. Depending on how big or complicated the event is, it could take months to have everything settled. What is crucial here is that you give yourself enough time to plan the whole thing. Keep in mind that there are certain factors you can’t control and if you rush an event, it will blow up in your face. Be sure to properly deliberate how much time you will need to assemble your plan and give yourself enough leeway just in case. 

And remember, you need to settle on a date as early as possible since everything else hinges on this aspect of the planning process. Your potential performers and venue holders need to know the exact date and time of your event if they can even consider taking on your event. 

Branding the Event

Whether it is a free music festival or a paid event, you need to give it an attention-grabbing name to entice people to come. You need to come up with a compelling theme for your event, and we will give you some tips on brainstorming new ideas that will set your festival or conference apart. 

Attendance Projections

You need a rough estimate of how many people will or can come to your event. Even just a ballpark figure will help you get started on what kind of venue to look for as well as the ticket costs. 

Having a realistic attendance projection can seriously affect the outcome of your event. Your budget depends on the number of people that will attend your event, so it is essential to be careful with this step.

Organizing Your Team

Of course, an event can’t be planned by just one person. You need a responsible and fully capable team behind you to make your event a success. 

You need to divide your team into committees and delegate responsibilities like looking for sponsors, venue management, marketing the event, etc. Leading all these committees requires a particular skill as well, and we can offer you tips on how to responsibly oversee the progress of your team. 

The Master Plan

After the initial steps are taken, you will then need to move on to working on the master plan where the main elements of your event are strategized and organized. 


Perhaps the trickiest and most important aspect of your event is the budget. Regardless of how simple an event is, you still need a modest budget that will cover all the expenses ranging from the venue, the talent, marketing, and the like. You need to have a realistic budget plan if you want your event to work. 

We can guide you on how to plan your budget properly. This involves listing the approximated total cost, managing finances, and deciding if certain areas need to cut back. Sponsors can also be helpful to any event, and we’ll show you how to contact and persuade companies or small businesses to help your cause. 

Venue, Vendors, Decor

Choosing the best location for your event is a crucial step to your success. Your venue needs to be big enough to accommodate your audience but not so big that renting it will burst your budget. Our guides will show you what to look for in a perfect venue and what to consider before you settle on one.

You also need to decide which vendors to invite your event, specifically food vendors for large festivals. You do not want your attendees to go hungry or thirsty. The event’s decor is also essential since it will express to everyone the overall theme of the event. 


Then there is finding the primary entertainment of your event. For music events especially, this step is incredibly important. It can be the driving force for ticket sales if you market your event right. Of course, you need to find the entertainer to fit your event as well as your budget plan. 

Safety and Security

This is especially crucial for large-scale events with a massive audience. Not having reliable security detail can jeopardize not only the event’s success but also the event’s attendees. Making sure that your event is safe should be one of your top priorities. 

Marketing the Event

Finally, you will need to come up with a publicity strategy for your event. Create some buzz on social media. Contact media outlets to advertise your event. You need to reach as many people as possible if you want to draw in a large crowd. 

Event Management 101

Avmad essentially is a website created to give readers valuable information on how to conduct a successful event. Whether it is your first event or if you want to improve your leadership skills, Avmad has comprehensive guides, enlightening tutorials, and essential tips for managing any event. 

Take it from us here at Avmad. Event management can’t be done alone. Let us help you make your event a rousing success!